About the blog

This blog is a perfect forum for those, who want to design and construct small home made projects using easily available stuff in the market. The projects on this site utilize cheap sensors and controllers to accomplish automation projects. Tips and tricks to smartly use Engineering and design  are shown with examples. Some technical articles related to the projects on this site are also made available for reference.
You can also share your experience and projects with others. Contact us using the contact us page or visiting the following link.

About the Authors

Mrs Syed , Owner of “help2educate.com”

 I write technical articles and project codes related electronics and embedded systems Engineering. My goal is to contribute in spreading knowledge about In the realm of engineering, I have developed a special interest in the field of power electronics, power system engineering, electric drives, electronics and renewable energy. I have developed special skills like electronic circuit designing, PCB designing, mathematical & electrical modelling, microcontrollers, PLC and designing tools like Autocad, MATLAB, ISIS and Etap.