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Power supply protection: Short circuit protection circuit

In this article we will discuss about the short circuit protection for power supply. Components, connection diagram and working of the short circuit protection circuit are explained in detail. The proposed power supply protection is simulated and tested in ISIS Proteus. Introduction Electronic circuits and PCBs have two properties which sometimes …

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Automatic 12V Battery Charger with Explanation

This article explains automatic battery charger. Components, connection diagram and simulation in proteus of 12V battery charger is also explained in the article. Introduction Batteries are very important in electrical and electronics world. Batteries need to recharged once their charge is finished. This article will introduce about one of the simplest …

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+15V & -15V Regulated Dual Polarity Power Supply Circuit

In this tutorial we will discuss about the design of dual polarity power supply circuit. Components, connection diagram and explanation of dual regulated power supply. The circuit is simulated in ISIS Proteus for verification and results shows shat configuration can act as negative voltage power supply circuit. Introduction Power supplies …

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Design of Dual voltage power supply

In this article we will discuss how to design dual voltage power supply from single supply components. Circuit diagram and components rating of dual power supply are also presented. The dual output power supply is implemented and tested in ISIS Proteus and results are shown. INTRODUCTION to dual voltage power …

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