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Microcontroller Projects

Digital Visitor counter without using interrupt

visitor counter using PIC

This article will explain about the construction of Microcontroller based digital visitors counter.  This counter does not use interrupt for counting visitors unlike other counters. The article also explains the basic sensor requirements, schematic, and code. The proposed digital visitor counter is tested in ISIS and simulation results are displayed. …

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Lighting automation using microcontroller

circuit diagram of automatic lighting system using microcontroller

This article will explain lighting automation with its importance and use. Components which are required for this project and how to connect them. Different techniques of lighting an area. The program needed for microcontroller to run this project is shown. Finally the circuit is tested in Proteus and results are presented. …

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How to interface graphical LCD with microcontroller

interface graphical LCD with PIC

This article will explain in detail how to interface graphical LCD with microcontroller. The purpose of each pin of Graphical LCD is explained. Well labelled figure will display the connection between graphical LCD and microcontroller. Also this article will cover how to display different graphics like line, square and rectangle on …

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Measure temperature using LM35 temperature sensor

In this article we will learn how to measure temperature using LM35 temperature sensor. How to interface LM35 with microcontroller is described. All the associated details like circuit diagram, code and simulation in ISIS are explained Introduction PIC microcontroller does not have the ability to measure the temperature directly. There …

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