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Microcontroller Projects

How to measure resistance with microcontroller

Simulation 1 pic measuring temperature

In this article, a novel method to measure resistance with microcontroller is explained. The given technique is accurate and different from other techniques. All the related material like connection diagram, simulation and code used to measure resistance with microcontroller is given . Ohm-meter It is the device which can be used to measure the …

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Interfacing DC motor with Microcontroller

This article will help you to learn why DC motor can not be interfaced directly with microcontroller. How to interface face DC motor with Microcontroller. Components, Circuit diagram and program required for interfacing DC motor with microcontroller. What are the problems of interfacing dc motor with microcontroller? It is not …

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Interfacing Relay with microcontroller

This article is helpful for those who wants to earn  interfacing relay with microcontroller. The article will explain the reason behind using extra component for interfacing. The schematic diagram and required components are also given. Most importantly, the code required to control a relay with microcontroller is presented with comments for explanation. …

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