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+15V & -15V Regulated Dual Polarity Power Supply Circuit

In this tutorial we will discuss about the design of dual polarity power supply circuit. Components, connection diagram and explanation of dual regulated power supply. The circuit is simulated in ISIS Proteus for verification and results shows shat configuration can act as negative voltage power supply circuit. Introduction Power supplies …

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Design of Dual voltage power supply

In this article we will discuss how to design dual voltage power supply from single supply components. Circuit diagram and components rating of dual power supply are also presented. The dual output power supply is implemented and tested in ISIS Proteus and results are shown. INTRODUCTION to dual voltage power …

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Power Factor measurement using Microcontroller

The article will help the readers to use microcontroller for power factor measurement using a very simple external circuitry. The article will cover the design calculation, explanation of connection diagram and program to be embedded in microcontroller. In the end, the simulation results of designed power factor meter are presented …

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Digital Frequency meter for sine waves

This article describes the design and construction of microcontroller based digital frequency meter. The circuit is specially designed for sine waves. The auxiliary components for the conversion of sine waves to square, connection diagram and program are presented. The assembly is tested in ISIS Proteus and results are displayed. Introduction …

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