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Measure temperature using LM35 temperature sensor

In this article we will learn how to measure temperature using LM35 temperature sensor. How to interface LM35 with microcontroller is described. All the associated details like circuit diagram, code and simulation in ISIS are explained Introduction PIC microcontroller does not have the ability to measure the temperature directly. There …

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How to measure resistance with microcontroller

Simulation 1 pic measuring temperature

In this article, a novel method to measure resistance with microcontroller is explained. The given technique is accurate and different from other techniques. All the related material like connection diagram, simulation and code used to measure resistance with microcontroller is given . Ohm-meter It is the device which can be used to measure the …

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All about Hall Effect sensor

Hall effect sensor in proteus 1

In this article, Hall effect sensor and the theory behind it will be explained. Also Hall effect current sensor an their types will be introduced. Also the Theory Behind Hall Effect sensor According to law of magnetism, if a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, a voltage …

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