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Electrical Machines

Principle of Brushless motor (BLDC motor)

This article discusses the principle of brushless motor in simple and easy way. What are different types of brushless motors.   Comparison of BLDC motor with other types of DC motors. The principle of BLDC controller based on hall effect sensor is discussed. Introduction to brushless motors Electric brushless motors …

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All about Permanent Magnet PMDC motor

This article thoroughly describes different as of Permanent magnet DC motor. How PMDC motor is constructed. What is the relationship between speed and torque of PMDC motors. Different methods of speed control of permanent magnet DC motors. Where PMDC  motors are used. Construction of PMDC DC motor Permanent magnet dc motor works …

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Servomotor: Introduction, types and control

This article deals with the detailed description of servo motors. Basic principle of servomotor controller. What are AC and DC servo motors and what are their types. Introduction to three phase servomotors. Introduction to servomotor Servomotor is also known as control motor with high torque capabilities. Unlike large scale industrial based motors, servo …

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