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Introduction to the Power line communication

Introduction Power-line communication is based on electrical signals, carrying information, propagating over the power-line. A communication channel is defined as the physical path between two communication nodes on which the communication signal is propagated. Power line communication (PLC), as the name suggests, provides connectivity using existing power lines as the …

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A brief introduction to essential substation components

This article presents brief introduction to substation. The substation components are discussed. Also the position, working and purpose of each component of substation is presented briefly. Purpose, Position and function of essential substation components Definition There are many definitions of substation however most common is” A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, …

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Circuit breaker timing test Procedure

This article explains the timing test of circuit breaker. Why it is necessary to perform breaker timing test.  What is the standard circuit breaker timing test procedure. Which equipment is used for CB timing test and what are the accepted results. Introduction to breaker timing test Circuit breakers are one of …

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Contact Resistance Test Procedure

In this article we will discuss about the contact resistance test of circuit breakers. Why contact resistance testing is necessary. What are the possible reasons behind contact damage? What is the standard contact resistance test procedure? Which values of contact resistance acceptable? contact resistance test procedure, contact resistance testing,  Introduction to contact resistance …

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