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Circuit breaker specifications mentioned on its nameplate

In this article we will try to understand the circuit breaker specifications given on its nameplate. What information we get from name plate of breaker. How these specifications are important in operation and maintenance. How to differentiate current related specifications from settings of the circuit breaker. A brief look at the specifications …

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Explanation of various busbar schemes / busbar arrangment

In this article we will discuss different busbar schemes. Criteria to choose bus bar scheme. Advantages and disadvantages of each type of busbar arrangment. Special focus on single busbar scheme, double busbar scheme and one and half busbar scheme. Introduction to busbar schemes Components are arranged in definite manner in a …

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All about vector group of Transformer

This article will explain the vector group of transformers. How transformer vector group is constituted. Why it is important to understand the vector group of transformer. How to interpret the notation of transformers vector group on its name plate. Which format is used to denote vector group of transformer. Some commonly …

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Overview of the fundamentals of Differential Protection

In this article we will discuss about the fundamentals of differential protection. The feasibility, zone, design issues, application and types of differential protection will be explained. Introduction to Differential Protection Differential protection is a scheme that compares the current on the primary side of the protection unit (electrical device) to …

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