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Speed Control of DC motor Shunt and Series type

In this article I will explain the different techniques which can be used for speed control of dc motor. Comparison of techniques to control dc motor speed will be presented. Also the advantages and disadvantages of dc motor speed control techniques are also discussed in this article. Introduction to speed …

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Equivalent circuit of DC motor.

This article will answer the questions; How to draw equivalent circuit of DC motor. How to find equivalence of stator and rotor. How to model leakage flux. What is the final equivalent circuit of DC motor? Step by Step derivation of Equivalent Circuit of DC motor In order to draw …

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Armature Reaction, its effects and remedies

This article will answer the following question.What is armature reaction? Why and how it occurs? What are the drawbacks of armature reaction? How to neutralize the effects of armature reaction? Definition The Distortion of the machine flux when load is connected  is called armature reaction. Or The shifting of neutral plane axis from its …

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