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Power Engineering

All about voltage transformer

In this article we will discuss about the voltage transformer. What is its function in power system protection and how it is used. Some of commonly used terminologies like burden and accuracy of voltage transformer are also discussed.. Voltage Transformer: The transformer which is use to step down the voltage for …

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Selection of circuit breaker for starters

This article explains the procedure of selection of circuit breaker. Which factors should be considered for the selection of circuit breaker. What is the role of rated current and rated voltage. What is momentary current rating, rate of re-striking voltage, breaking capacity. What is circuit breaker A circuit breaker is a type of switch …

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Mechanism of Corona Discharge in Electrical systems

In this article we will discuss about the mechanism of corona discharge. Types of corona discharge. Also the concept of positive and negative corona discharge will be presented. Theory behind Corona Discharge  Definition The localized electric field near a conductor can be sufficiently concentrated to ionize air close to the conductors. …

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Short overview of Problems Caused by Corona

What the problems caused by corona? Disadvantages of corona like power loss, audible noise electromagnetic interference, ozone production etc are discussed.? Problems Caused by Corona Corona can produce audible and radio frequency noise, particularly in the region near electric power transmission lines. Corona also results in a power loss, and …

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