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Fundamentals of Electrocatalyst for fuel cell

This article deals with electrocatalyst for fuel cell.  Aims and objectives of research related to electrocatalyst for fuel cell.  Possible out come and future prospective. Development of Pt-based Composite as Anode Material for Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Methanol Background and Significance of nanoparticles based electrocatalyst for fuel cell The burning issues …

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HYDROGEN BONDING: Definition, effects and examples

1.0 Definition of Hydrogen Bonding The attractive force between hydrogen atoms bonded to strongly electronegative atom and lone pair electrons of another strongly electronegative atom is termed as hydrogen bonding. Hydrogen bonds are not real chemical bonds in formal sense. These are weaker than covalent bonds. However, hydrogen bonds are …

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EVAPORATION: Definition, Process and Factors


Definition of Evaporation The spontaneous conversion of a volatile liquid into its vapors is called evaporation. The process of evaporation can be easily understood on the basis of kinetic molecular theory according to which a liquid consists of a large number of molecules which remain in a state of constant …

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Intermolecular forces

Intermolecular Forces; Definition, types and examples  Definition of Intermolecular Forces(van der Wall’s forces) The attractive forces that exist between the individual particles molecules, atoms or ions are called intermolecular forces. These forces are also called van der Wall’s forces. The physical state of a substance depends on the strength of …

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